USS Freedom Commanding Officer Answers YOUR Questions About LCS-1

We asked for your questions on the Navy’s Facebook page about USS Freedom (LCS 1), which is on her maiden deployment to the Asia-Pacific region. We received a lot of great questions about Freedom and littoral combat ships, which are fast, agile, mission-focused platforms for near-shore and open-ocean operations.

Do you have questions for the commanding officer of the Navy's first littoral combat ship, Cmdr. Timothy Wilke, about USS Freedom (LCS 1)? Freedom is on her maiden deployment to the Asia-Pacific region. Post your questions below and Cmdr. Wilke will answer some of them.

In this blog, Freedom’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Tim Wilke answered five of your questions during CARAT Malaysia 2013.

John Keith Gavin Skipper I helped build your ship, it's the hottest ride on the seas. I noticed the crew training while at Marrinette during your final days of construction. Perhaps you could briefly discuss how the crew is progressing and what are you particularly proud of concerning training a new crew on a new class and a new style of war fighting.

Sir, what challenges do you face commanding an LCS as oppose to any other ship? and what milestones are expected out of the ship on her first deployment?

Commander, how does your ship's mission differ from that of a destroyer, frigate, or other naval vessel?

Bob Stevenson Hey Skipper; Some news reports indicate that you are under-gunned. Your opinion?

What are some of the challenges & benefits of having a small crew?

Cmdr. Wilke’s closing message.

Again, thank you for asking questions about Freedom and joining the conversation about the Navy’s littoral combat ships. Continue the conversation here on the blog by posting your comments below.

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USS Freedom Commanding Officer Answers YOUR Questions About LCS-1