Stockdale Awards: Honoring Ethical Navy Leadership

By U.S. Navy

The Chief of Naval Operations presented the Vice Adm. James B. Stockdale Leadership Award during a ceremony at the Pentagon Hall of Heroes Dec. 4.

The award is named for Medal of Honor recipient Vice Adm. James B. Stockdale. Adm. Stockdale epitomized the very essence of leadership during his nearly eight years as a POW in North Vietnam. As a prisoner of war, Adm. Stockdale employed five, self-defined roles of leadership – moralist, jurist, teacher, steward and philosopher – to help himself and a group of about 11 others, survive.


The honor is presented annually to two commissioned officers on active duty, commander or below, who serve as examples of excellence in leadership and conspicuous contribution to the improvement of leadership in the Navy. Possibly the most impressive aspect of receiving the Stockdale Leadership Award is how officers are chosen. Each winner is nominated by their peers based on the ethical leadership they provide and the five pillars Adm. Stockdale created.

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Stockdale Awards: Honoring Ethical Navy Leadership