Moving Forward from the Government Shutdown

By Vice Adm. Bill Moran
Chief of Naval Personnel

What's next now?

Shipmates, we received welcomed news on late Wednesday night from DC. Both houses of Congress passed and the President signed legislation funding the Federal government through mid-January and extending the debt ceiling until mid-February.

This move should allow us to begin to get back to business, relieving some of the uncertainty so that we can focus on warfighting. I look forward to the remainder of our Navy civilian team returning to work and the funding restrictions put in place during the shutdown being lifted as soon as practical.

The precise timing of when all of this will occur is still being worked out. This will not happen overnight. It will take a day or two to understand the exact provisions outlined in the law. As with any continuing resolution, which only provides funding for part of the year, some spending restrictions will likely remain in place until we get full year funding.

Recognizing that these restrictions can be frustrating, especially if they slow down needed training or the purchase of equipment, I ask for your continued patience as we figure out exactly what this means for you and your families. We’ll continue to push relevant information as we get it.

Our priority remains on funding our forces operating forward, making sure we have money to maintain and train those units getting ready to deploy and investing in the people, ships and technology of our future force.

Thank you again for your patience and mission focus; especially for our civilian teammates, this has not been easy.

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Moving Forward from the Government Shutdown