Military Rentals

Moving every couple of years is a fact of life for Active Duty service members.  It’s not so much if you will be moving while in the military, but when you will be moving.  Relocating household goods while in the military is something that service members and their families become very proficient at doing.  Find and compare our furnished condo rentals at locations including MacDill AFB in Tampa, Naval Station San Diego, and Pentagon Lodging options which include furnished condos for rent and house rentals within the Military District of Washington.

House & Apartment Rentals near Military Bases

Find apartments and house rentals near your next duty location for short term assignments or long term PCS relocation moves.  Many of the rentals featured through the Defense Lodging System are located near major military installations or in highly traveled cities such as Washington, DC.

Furnished Military Housing for Rent

If looking for an alternative to staying in a hotel or at a Base Lodging facility such as the Army MWR Post Lodging, staying at the  Navy Lodge, the Air Force Inn, or at a Marine Corps Lodging Facility, browse our hotels and furnished apartment options for a more comfortable extended stay while on your next TDY assignment.  Our selection of military rentals offer some of the best amenities for extended stay or temporary duty travel.

Military Rental Tips & Advice

It’s always a good idea to:

  • Make sure your landlord includes a Military Clause just in case you need to break the lease.  You want to be allowed to be able to get out of the lease if you suddenly have a change in assignment due to military orders.
  • Keep a record of your Security Deposit either in the form of a receipt, or if stated on the lease.  Ensure that you understand how the deposit will be refunded ie: mailed by check, within 2-3 weeks post departure, etc.
  • Take before and after photos with a date imprint on the photos to document any problems or broken items in the rental.

Military BAH & Per Diem Rates

Many of our featured rentals are available near the local Military BAH Rates for permanently reassigned personnel.  Short term travelers on a temporary duty assignment can also find TDY Lodging within Military Per Diem Rates for official government travel.