Military Housing

Relocating permanently for a PCS move or temporarily for a TDY assignment can be stressful.  Transportation of household goods whether short term or long term is never easy.

The Defense Lodging System can help you to make your best move possible.  We provide detailed information about military housing near every major Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Base whether your military assignment is nationwide (CONUS) or overseas (OCONUS).

Military Base Housing

Military service members choosing to stay in on base housing will need to check with the post/base housing office as soon as a levy briefing or orders have been issued.  Once orders have been cut, a military service member can contact the housing office to get on the post or base housing waiting list.  Some military bases will have a waiting list for housing which can take months before a house is available which may make it necessary to stay in off base housing.  If residing off base, a military basic housing allowance may be authorized.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Rates

The military housing allowance known as BAH is paid to servicemembers (living in off-base housing) monthly to offset the costs of living off base in an apartment or a house rental.  Military BAH rates are based on pay grade (not rank) change annually.

The purpose of Military BAH Housing Rates is to cover off base living expenses.

Furnished Military Housing Rentals

Search all of our military housing for short term TDY travel or as interim accommodations while relocating on a PCS move.   The Defense Lodging System features over 100 military housing locations.

U.S. service members relocating to one of the many U.S. Military Bases should research all base information and installation policies and procedures prior to arrival.

The Defense Lodging System enables you to compare and reserve furnished military housing at some of the bigger assignment locations including Fort Benning, MacDill AFB, NS San Diego, Washington DC, as well as many other military bases.