Defense Travel System

The Defense Travel System (DTS)

The Defense Travel System was established for all Active Duty and Reserve Military service members in need of temporary lodging arrangements while in a TDY status.  The Defense Lodging System provides the widest selection of hotel and extended stay lodging at DoD Per Diem Rates.

The Defense Lodging & Travel System

The Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) and Government Services Administration (GSA) set all travel related guidelines for reimbursement, allowances, and per diem rates for temporary and short term lodging accommodations.  The Defense Travel System (known as DTS) and other Federal Rooms programs may not have availability for military travelers or may not have the most suitable hotel accommodations for your TDY assignment.  The different reasons for embarking on a temporary duty assignment (school or course of instruction, conferences, etc.) may dictate or require more refined lodging requirements while on official travel.  Hotels and extended stays participating in the Defense Lodging reservation system are at the government rate for official travel.  Whether on a TDY assignment or PCS relocation, service members can book the same accommodations through DTS.  Military service members on official travel orders are also able to book hotels directly through the Defense Lodging System.  Travelers interested in an alternative to booking a standard hotel room through the Defense Travel System known as DTS or Federal Rooms lodging program can book hotels directly through the TDY Lodging program.

Military Rate Hotels

The inventory of select hotels and extended stays listed on TDY Lodging allow for a seamless reservation process with hotel receipts issued directly by the hotel itself which breaks down the nightly rate + any applicable transient lodging tax.  As part of the Defense Lodging System, TDY Lodging offers solutions for assignments nationwide and at select locations overseas offering some of the finest hotels available.  Official travelers using the Defense Travel System (DTS) should note that when making reservations off base when post or base lodging is full, and when utilizing a statement or certificate of non-availability (SNA or CNA), the best military hotels at per diem rates are available through the Defense Lodging System.

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