You Want Resilience – Here HE is!

Who is Col. Gregory ‘Greg’ Gadson?

He is an Active duty colonel in the United States Army and the commander of U.S. Army Fort Belvoir Garrison. He is a U.S. Military Academy-West Point graduate and has served for more than 20 years as a field artillery officer. His military service includes deployments in support of operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Joint Forge, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.  Gadson is also a bilateral above-the-knee amputee who was wounded in May 2007 in a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq.

In addition, Col. Gadson is a motivation speaker, actor and frequently ‘hangs out’ with professional sports players.

At the apex of his accolades, Gadson is best known for epitomizing what it means to be a resilient Soldier in the U.S. Army.

Still not convinced? Below are five examples of how Gadson’s life is a portrait of courage in the face of great adversity, how he continues to exemplify what it means to be Army Strong, and how your life does NOT have to end because of injuries; visible or invisible.

1) Gadson served as the 2012 Commencement speaker at Mt. Vernon High School, where he and his son, Jalean graduated.

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2) He played Lt. Col. Mick Canales, a vet struggling with recovery, in the Universal Studios movie, Battleship.


3) He participated in the 2009 World T.E.A.M. Sports’ Face of America ride. Gadson rode the 110-mile, two-day ride with a hand cycle. He participated in the non-profit’s Washington to Gettysburg bicycle ride only two years after his injury in Iraq.

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4) He serves an an honorary co-captain for the New York ‘Football’ Giants. After Gadson was invited to give the team a ‘pep talk’ before their game against the Redskins in 2007, the Giants went on to win the next 10 games and Super Bowl XLII. In addition to attending the White House ceremony with the team, Gadson received a minted Super Bowl ring.

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5) More importantly than any of the above, Gadson, despite his injuries, has served in numerous leadership positions in the Army to include his current position as commander of Fort Belvoir Garrison.


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You Want Resilience – Here HE is!