Women’s Equality Day Quiz

Women’s Equality Day 2014

“Women are succeeding like never before.
Their contributions are growing our economy and advancing our nation.
But despite these gains, the dreams of too many mothers and daughters continue to be deferred and denied.
When women are given the opportunity to succeed, they do. There is still more work to do and more doors of opportunity to open.”

–  President Barack Obama August 25, 2014

In honor of Women’s Equality Day we invite you to participate in a quiz to test your knowledge of Women in the Army.

 bray_2 In 1989, over 700 women went to Panama in support of Operation Just Cause. I led 30 Soldiers of the 988th Military Police Company into combat to seize an enemy objective near Panama City. My role ignited the debate over the role of women in combat roles in the Army. Who am I?
 kennedy_2 I was the first woman to achieve and hold the rank of lieutenant general. My promotion also led to my being named the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, G-2.Who am I?
 seccareccio I am the first woman to graduate from a military occupational specialty previously closed to women (13M). The first class of female Soldiers in the 13M, Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember military occupation specialty, graduated Advanced Individual Training April 30, 2013, at Fort Sill. Who am I?
 jones I am one of the first female Soldiers to graduate Artillery Mechanic course. History was made, July 16, 2013, as the first women to attend the U.S. Army Ordnance School’s Artillery Mechanic (91P). The 15-week military occupational specialty has, until the beginning of this class, been restricted to male students. Who am I?
 lewis_3 I was in the first class of women to graduate from West Point in 1980 and I later served as commander and district engineer of the Gulf Region Division’s Central District, where I was responsible for engineering and construction management support of deployed forces and Iraqi reconstruction in Baghdad and Al Anbar provinces, Iraq. Who am I? 
 burcham_2 I am the first woman to be promoted to a general officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jan. 27, 2012, in the Corps’ Washington, D.C. headquarters. Who am I?

Please check back on Thursday for the answers to the quiz and to see how well you did!

–          Army Live




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Women’s Equality Day Quiz