Warrior Care Month – Showing Strength through Recovery

Our nation’s Soldiers live Army values day-to-day and through their personal sacrifice. This year, Warrior Care Month spotlights their strength, dedication and resilience in the theme: “Show of Strength.” Throughout Warrior Care Month, the courage of wounded, ill or injured service members will be honored, along with the programs that assist them in acquiring new life skills that will be used to enable them to return to duty or transition from the military.


The Warrior Care and Transition Program demonstrates a Show of Strength by:

  • Ensuring wounded, ill or injured Soldiers have the time, place, and resources to heal at 25 Warrior Transition Units (WTUs) throughout the nation, Europe, and Puerto Rico.
  • Providing each Soldier with a Triad of Care and multi-disciplinary team focused on meeting personalized long- and short- term goals across six domains of life through the Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP).
  • Enabling WTU Soldiers the opportunity to participate in adaptive reconditioning programs that align with their medical situation.
  • Facilitating Soldiers’ career and employment readiness goals through internships, education programs, and certifications.
  • Integrating efforts and programs to build and improve the readiness and resilience of Soldiers, Families and Caregivers, and Cadre.
  • Providing personalized support to the Army’s most severely wounded, ill or injured through the Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2).

Army Senior Leaders define Warrior Care Month as an opportunity to honor the strength and resilience of incredible Soldiers, families and caregivers. These outstanding service men and women are supported throughout each phase of their recovery and transition. Their accomplishments are also celebrated.

In 2007, the Army established Warrior Transition Units (WTUs), which had supported more than 62,000 Soldiers throughout the recovery and transition process. Nearly 50 percent of these Soldiers were returned to the force.

Throughout Warrior Care Month, the Army will ensure that Leaders, Soldiers, Veterans, and Families understand the variety of ways Army Medicine and the Warrior Care and Transition Program (WCTP) support wounded, ill or injured Soldiers.

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Warrior Care Month – Showing Strength through Recovery