#Valor24 Feature – Sgt. Ardie R. Copas

Ardie Copas was loved by everyone he came in contact with and was a great friend.

Childhood friend, Bill Mullins reminisces about his time with Copas before he entered the U.S. Army in June 1969.

I first met Ardie Copas, about 1964, when my family and I moved, to Fort Pierce, Fl.. I knew right away that he was a fighter, because that was our pastime. If we weren’t fighting, with pine cone and tomatoes, we were slugging it out, with our fists. We once got, into an argument and started rolling and got tangled up, in barbed wire. If I hadn’t shouted break, we would still be rolling in, that barbed wire. (Ha!) We sure, had some good times.

Sgt. Ardie R. Copas’ love for his family and friends transcended to his Soldiers. His actions on May 12, 1970, while serving as a machine-gunner exemplified this, earning him the nation’s highest award for valor in combat, the Medal of Honor.

Check out exclusive photos of Copas below and visit the Army’s Valor24 website to learn more about his heroic service in the Military:







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#Valor24 Feature – Sgt. Ardie R. Copas