#USArmy Bivouac Bracket

It’s March Madness time…

…but this is not your typical bracketology! With only 16 teams left to battle it out on the court for supreme college basketball rights, 16 pieces of must- have field gear go head-to-head in this year’s U.S. Army Bivouac Bracket.


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Here’s how it works:

– Check out the blog below for the sixteen pieces of gear that made it to the Sweet Sixteen (Commissioner’s note: Due to space and time, we were unable to include a number of great field gear pieces. If we left our your favorite, leave it in the comments section below).

– Vote for your top field gear pieces in the poll below each group or leave your votes in the comments section.

– Visit the Army’s Facebook page on Saturday, March 29 to see what gear made it to the Elite Eight.

Ready? Let the Madness begin!!!

                                               Army Region 1


100mph tape2    bball     091026-A-3108M-001

100-mph Tape
(Olive drab green reinforcement tape)
(Cylume 12hrs)

“From lashing and patching to covering and   creating, you can do almost anything with 100mph tape.”

 “Ideal for all your lighting needs, “glow sticks” don’t even need batteries.”

Poncho      bball      Carabiner

(Poncho, wet weather)
“The Poncho – The Army’s wearable tarp.”

You could ust this [poncho] to cover not only your body, but your tent, rucksack, or anything you wanted to keep dry.”
“Whether it’s rappelling down a mountain or latching on for an extraction, the carabineer is must have for any rope-intensive task.”

Pistol belt      bball     canteen

Pistol (LBE) Belt
(Belt, individual equipment)
(Genuine Issue Military Canteen, 1 qt.)
“Strong and durable, the pistol belt is perfect for anchoring stuff to a tree trunk or yourself. It can also help you carry a buddy out of the fight.”  “Because everyone needs to…DRINK WATER!”



P38    bball     Operation Eagle Claw II

(Opener, Can, Hand, Folding, Type I)
(Entrenching Tool)
“More important than a fork, the P-38 has been the Soldier’s go-to gizmo for canned rations since 1942.” “The transformer of garden tools, the E-tool is a Soldier’s secret weapon; just make sure it’s clean and painted before you turn it into CIF.”


                                              Army Region 2


550 Cord   bball    Issue Flashlight

550 Cord

(parachute chord, MIL-C-5040H Type III – Camo Green)
Standard Issue Flashlight
(MX-991U flashlight, Angle Head Olive Drab)
“You don’t have to be a Paratrooper to recognize how handy this is to have hanging around.” “This flashlight isn’t much on looks, but you’ll be looking for it when you’re under light disciplined conditions.”

Afghanistan Scouts Dragon Strike    bball     Cleaning Rod

Poncho Liner
(Liner, poncho wet weather)
Cleaning rod
(part of the M16/M4 cleaning kit)
‘The Woobie’ is one of the most versatile blanket ever made.” “Just try and clear a jammed round without it.”

PT Belt       bball      Bayonets

PT Belt
(Belt, Luminous Tape)
The Bayonet
(M9 Bayonet or previous models)
“Although it takes the brunt of a lot of jokes, the PT belt may just be the thing you need to mark you position.” “Just what you need to cut, dig, slice, dice, slash, pierce, and stab your way out of any situation.”

gerber-2      bball      canteen cup

(Multi-tool, folding)
Canteen Cup
(Genuine U.S. Military Issue Stainless Steel Canteen Cup)
“The Swiss-Army knife’s American cousin.”

“It’s a mixing bowl, ladle, serving dish, coffee cup, and shaving mug all in one piece of tin.

Good luck and may the best field gear win!

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#USArmy Bivouac Bracket