#USArmy Bivouac Bracket – The Championship

As the University of Connecticut celebrates its title as the 2014 Men’s NCAA College Basketball Championship, we are even closer to deciding which field gear will reign supreme in the 2014 U.S. Army Bivouac Bracket challenge.

While many are still in awe that the PT Belt didn’t make it past the first round, the votes are in and the 100 mph (duct) tape and the Poncho Liner (aka ‘The Woobie’) are preparing to take it all.


Here’s how it works:

– See below for the two pieces of field gear that survived and made it to the championship.

– Use the poll option below to vote for your top field gear piece or leave your votes in the comments section.

– Visit the Army’s Facebook page on Friday, April 11 to find out what gear YOU voted on as the best!

Remember, you must VOTE (we don’t want any more disappointments…sorry, PT Belt). Be sure to SHARE with you Family and friends so they can vote, too!

100mph tape2

100 mph (duct) tape


Afghanistan Scouts Dragon Strike

Poncho Liner (aka ‘The Woobie’)


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#USArmy Bivouac Bracket – The Championship