#USArmy Bivouac Bracket – Elite Eight


Thank you to those who participated in the first round of the U.S. Army Bivouac Bracket. While the Sweet Sixteen games were all pretty much a blow out, we don’t think the Elite Eight will be as easy. So how do you make sure your choice of the ultimate field gear advances… you MUST VOTE!


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Here’s how it works:

– See below for the eight pieces of gear that made it to the Elite Eight.

– Use the poll option below each group to vote for your top field gear pieces or leave your votes in the comments section.

– Visit the Army’s Facebook page on Saturday, April 5 to see which gear advanced to the Final Four!

Remember, you must VOTE for your choice in order for it to move on to the next round! Be sure to SHARE with you Family and friends so they can vote, too!

                                                          Army Region 1



100-mph Tape
(Olive drab green reinforcement tape)

(Poncho, wet weather)

“From lashing and patching to covering and creating, you can do almost anything with 100mph tape.”

“The Poncho – The Army’s wearable tarp.”



(Genuine Issue Military Canteen, 1 qt.)

(Entrenching Tool)

“Because everyone needs to…DRINK WATER!”

“The transformer of garden tools, the E-tool is a Soldier’s secret weapon; just make sure it’s clean and painted before you turn it into CIF.”


                                                          Army Region 2



550 Cord
(parachute chord)

Poncho Liner
(Liner, poncho wet weather)

“You don’t have to be a Paratrooper to recognize how handy this is to have hanging around.”

‘The Woobie’ is one of the most versatile blankets ever made.”


         bball       Gerber_MultiTool 

The Bayonet
(M9 Bayonet or previous models)

(Multi-tool, folding)

“Just what you need to cut, dig, slice, dice, slash, pierce, and stab your way out of any situation.”

“The Swiss-Army knife’s American cousin.”


Good luck, and as always, may the best gear win!


#USArmy Bivouac Bracket – Elite Eight