Future Army Is Tied To Senior Army Civilian Development

Our Nation’s future Army will call upon civilian and military personnel to address challenges never before seen. This comes amidst major changes such as constrained resources, reducing staffing levels, and unpredictable mission loads.

A cornerstone in meeting these challenges is a senior civilian workforce that is better educated, highly-qualified, flexible, adaptable, and able to assume greater levels of responsibility and accountability. The mission of the Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) Program is to provide senior Army civilians with the right skills to serve in the right place at the right time.

Secretary of the Army John McHugh, said, “We must create and maintain a structured Civilian professional development system designed to meet our Army’s long term performance needs and SETM will be the means by which the Army prepares its Senior Civilians to assume those duty positions of greatest responsibility.”

Started in 2012, the SETM Program prepares competent, motivated, and educated senior civilian leaders for positions of greater responsibility. Civilians join senior-level educational and developmental learning opportunities and gain the opportunity to manage their careers. Commanders also benefit by determining training requirements, forecasting vacancies, transferring knowledge before personnel leave, reducing lost productivity that goes along with vacancies, and improving succession planning.

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There are four components to the SETM Program. Each has unique benefits and can impact senior civilians differently. Senior civilians can apply for one or all options.

Enterprise Placement Program (EPP) – Open to GS-15s and equivalents only, EPP is an opportunity to be considered for positions Army-wide where the Army needs its most talented civilian leaders. EPP adds breadth and depth to the employee’s skill base. Those selected for EPP will be listed on slates forwarded to Commanders across the Army for placement consideration

SETM-TDY – These are challenging project-based, temporary duty assignments (TDY) for GS 14s/15s and equivalents that strengthen their competencies and leadership abilities to support the Army’s most critical needs. These centrally funded developmental assignments can be used to backfill someone going to Senior Service School or to temporarily fill a critical vacancy that an installation needs to accomplish a significant project. These positions do not require a mobility agreement and last up to 179 days.

Senior Service College (SSC) – GS 14s/15s and equivalents can compete for Army Civilian seats at the Army War College (resident or nonresident) or the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. Students gain military knowledge, a national security perspective, and the competencies needed in the contemporary operational environment. Graduates of the resident courses are placed into positions that build upon the competencies developed at SSC.

Defense Senior Leader Development Program – GS 14s/15s and equivalents can gain leadership skills and an enterprise perspective to lead programs through this two-year DoD comprehensive education and developmental program. Students also get to attend one of the other Services’ SSCs.

Mobility and continuation of service agreements are needed for all components except for the SETM-TDY and for nonresident enrollees in the Army War College. A mobility agreement is not needed for the EPP until a proffered assignment is accepted.

Applications for the SETM Program must be endorsed by commands, and then are accepted through June 29th.

Click here for more information on these programs and to apply, or contact SETM with questions and for additional information.


This Army Live Blog post was submitted on behalf of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower & Reserve Affairs.

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Future Army Is Tied To Senior Army Civilian Development