Five Tips You Should Know About Army Career Tracker

Today’s post was written by Ms. Audra E. Calloway, Public Affairs Officer,  Civilian Workforce Transformation Program

In 2011, the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) released the Army Career Tracker (ACT), a career and leader development tool created to significantly improve the way training, education, and experiential learning support is provided to Army Enlisted, Officers, and Department of the Army Civilians. ACT provides the most useful and relevant information for Army careers. Users leverage this information, combined with targeted career and training recommendations from supervisors and mentors, to achieve their goals and succeed in their Army Career.

What began as an initiative to help develop career maps for the Civilian Corps to track their training, education and career development, has since spread across the Army sectors. ACT is now available for officers, enlisted, and civilian employees with a target audience of over 1.3 million users.

Here are a few things you may not know about the ACT system:

It is a great resource for information from your career field:

As an Army Civilian, you can log into ACT and get updates from your Career Programs (CPs) and access Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) career maps. ACT interfaces with more than 15 different Army systems, with new system interfaces coming in the near future.

Career maps contain the professional competencies expected by each CP. Career maps also include the training and certifications that are required for each job series and pay plan/pay grade.

Through ACT, you can also create Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Your supervisors and mentors can monitor your IDP and suggest trainings through ACT to help you reach your career goals.

Army Career Tracker was developed as a tool for Enlisted and Civilian employees to achieve their goals and succeed in their Army career.

Army Career Tracker was developed as a tool for Enlisted and Civilian employees to achieve their goals and succeed in their Army career.

AR 350-1, Army Training and Leadership Development, is the regulatory guidance for implementation of ACT:

ACT is the Army’s authoritative source for the Individual Development Plan (IDP), through Army Civilian Training and Leadership Development, DCS, G37/TRV.

Do you need to create an IDP in ACT? It’s a good idea! Besides allowing your supervisor easy access to view your IDP and send course recommendations, ACT is mandated by the Chief of Staff of the Army and AR 350-1.

The acquisition field may be resistant to this information since they are already required to create annual IDPs in Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP/CAPPMIS). However, the ACT Team is working to integrate the two websites so that ACT can pull IDPs created in CAMP/CAPPMIS to allow acquisition employees the opportunity to view their IDPs in ACT.

ACT allows employees to create multiple career paths:

It’s easy to visualize future career possibilities in ACT. Go to the My Planner/Career Map tab to view My Career Planner located under the Professional Development Model. All of the goals you have created in ACT will populate here.

My Career Planner allows Civilians to create multiple Career Paths, which can be helpful when exploring career options. For instance, if your CP has multiple series, you may want to create Career Paths for two series to help you determine the best fit.

Creating multiple Career Paths can also help if you are considering changing career fields in the future.

Career Paths can also be marked as “private” if you do not wish to display a particular Career Path to a supervisor.

ACT is integrated with GoArmyEd:

ACT is integrated with GoArmyEd, the Army’s virtual education, training, and leader development application site, creating a more efficient training application process by passing IDP and chain of command data to GoArmyEd. As a result, supervisors are provided an ability to plan for training and to manage their budgets more effectively.

Currently, ACTEDS-funded trainings are administered through GoArmyEd. The next phase of integration will incorporate processing command-funded trainings though the GoArmyEd site.


ACT always welcomes your feedback:

Your suggestions and recommendations matter. ACT’s functionality is under continuous improvement. The ACT Team wants an Army system based on what Soldiers and Civilians want – not what the ACT Team thinks they want. Log on and click the “Feedback” link in the footer to offer suggestions and recommendations to help make ACT an even better leadership development tool. ACT was designed with the end user in mind. The improvements made with the system since its inception resulted from suggestions from the field.

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Five Tips You Should Know About Army Career Tracker