Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Mission

Today’s post was written by By Lt. Gen. Edward C. Cardon, Commanding General, Army Cyber Command and Second Army

LTG Edward Cardon

LTG Edward Cardon

Today’s Army depends on cyberspace. In fact, every sector of our national economy, our government and society relies on access to a stable, safe and resilient cyberspace. Maintaining our freedom to operate in cyberspace and protecting critical information is the essence of cyber security. Just as the Army and people around the world use cyberspace to conduct business, communicate and perform everyday tasks – criminals, nation states, terrorists, hackers, and malicious insiders also use cyberspace for their own purposes.

Each year the threats and vulnerabilities from cyberspace grow as the world becomes more connected and technology becomes cheaper and easier to use. Cyberspace threats range from highly sophisticated cyber attacks aimed at disrupting operations to simple efforts using social media and e-mail to gain information and access our networks. Threats often use vulnerabilities, either known or unknown, to conduct operations. All have the potential to threaten our nation’s economic and national security as well as our own personal security.

Army Cyber Command and Second Army defend Army networks and conduct cyberspace operations to ensure our freedom to operate in cyberspace. Users remain the Army’s first line of defense.

Cyber security is everyone’s mission. It only takes one careless or malicious act anywhere on our networks to threaten Army operations. Clicking on a link or attachment in an e-mail that is not digitally-signed, not safeguarding common access cards or using removable media are all risky behaviors in cyberspace. Most vulnerabilities and malicious acts against Army systems could be prevented by following and enforcing cybersecurity standards and policies.

Cyber security is a personal responsibility and leaders and supervisors are responsible for ensuring their organizations and people are following established guidelines.

Throughout October, in observance of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Army is focusing on improving overall readiness through cybersecurity policies, practices and training. Now is a great time to refresh your understanding of cybersecurity. There are many resources to help leaders and managers ensure their organizations and people are practicing good cybersecurity.

The Army Information Assurance One-Stop Portal is a great place to start:

Cyber security at home is also important. I urge all Soldiers, Army civilians, contractors, and families to review their personal cybersecurity practices. There are helpful tools to protect yourself, your family, and your personal computers and devices available to Army personnel at:

Together we can all help improve Army readiness by practicing good cybersecurity. CYBER STRONG HELPS KEEP US ARMY STRONG!!

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Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Mission