Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

“Everywhere we go, we are inspired by the resilience, strength and courage of the soldiers and their spouses and family members.”

– Mrs. Linda Odierno, wife of Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno

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Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

“Resilience” is the new buzz word, and there’s a good reason why.

Soldiers are expected to be physically fit, as the Army profession puts a lot of demands on a person’s body. But what about also being mentally fit? Army life comes with challenges that not only Soldiers face, but their family members and Army civilians, as well. That’s where resilience comes in.

Resilience is the overall ability to face adversity head on and grow from challenges. Being resilient builds relationships and improves performance.

The Army emphasizes Resilience Training as a key component of the newly launched Ready and Resilient Campaign. Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness, or CSF2, is the Army’s program that provides resilience training to all members of the Army Family – Soldiers, their Family members and Army Civilians. Resilience Training is provided by CSF2 at every major level of the Army education system, from basic training to the Army War College. Resilience Training is provided by Master Resilience Trainers – Soldiers and Army Civilians who are graduates of a 10-day course. These trainers oversee resilience training programs, and instill resilience skills in every Soldier at every unit level. Army Community Service also has trained Master Resilience Trainers who are tasked with overseeing the training of Family members and Army Civilians. However, to further expand the program and increase the resilience level of adult Family members, the initiative to train spouses as Master Resilience Trainers is being piloted later this year.  This can only be a win-win situation for the Army Family.

CSF2 also has Training Centers that serve as an extension of the program on installations. Training Centers are staffed with a cadre of experts who provide performance enhancement training customized to individuals’ and units’ specific goals and missions. CSF2 Training Centers also assist installations with their Master Resilience Training programs.

CSF2 is available now for Soldiers, their Family members and Army Civilians to leverage so that they can begin building their resilience. Start by taking an online assessment to determine your baseline score in the areas of emotional, family, social and spiritual resilience, and take the next step to build your resilience and enhance your performance.

What does ‘resilience’ mean to you, and how can you leverage resilience skills to increase unit readiness and enhance your performance?

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Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness