Building resilience in today’s professional Army

WASHINGTON (Sept. 12, 2013)—Senior Army leaders continue to enhance force readiness and promote individual personnel resilience as a primary output of the Departments Ready and Resilient Campaign plan implemented this past March.

Aligned with this enduring effort, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 Lt. Gen. Howard B. Bromberg hosted the Army’s annual health fair, today, themed “Shoulder to Shoulder: Standing Ready and Resilient.”

After 12 years of war and strain across the force, look how resilient you are, said Bromberg to the Army Family. “Only strong people stand up to do what you do,” he added.

“Negative trends should be recognized and talked about; however, the focus should be on resilience,” he said. “Resilience is an inherent part of what we do [within the Army Profession].”

Col. Gregory Gadson, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Fort Belvoir and double-limb amputee, was the feature speaker for this year’s health fair.

Here’s what Gadson says about being resilient and overcoming adverse situations:
1. As human beings, we sometimes focus more on closed doors than the ones that are open. My legs are gone, but life is not all that bad.

2. We as Army leaders encourage Soldiers into Resiliency Training but are we really embracing it? Remember, mission first and people always!

3. We have to get back to the basics of getting to know our Soldiers. If they are having issues, we need to get them the help they need. Soldiers do not have to be embarrassed to seek help.

4. Being Resilient is how we live our lives. We are not flawless. We do struggle but we can overcome.

5. I believe that asking WHY never solves anything. It is the WHAT. The WHAT is COURAGE!

6. I chose to get up and be resilient. It was my duty…my challenge to be better!

7. In Army Resiliency Training, we talk about hunting the good stuff!

8. The person who takes the low road or the easy path is not building resiliency, they’re doing the opposite.

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Building resilience in today’s professional Army