American Civilians to Soldiers for Life

Today’s post was written by LTC Wenceslao Angulo of the Manpower & Reserve Affairs, Army G-1

Every man and women who’s ever worn the uniform of America’s Army is a Soldier for life and entitled to lifelong support and networks to be successful. The Soldier For Life program is the Army’s agent responsible for ensuring our more than 50,000 Soldiers entering the Soldier Life Cycle each year; Start Strong, Serve Strong, Reintegrate Strong and Remain Strong.

  1. The Soldier for Life Mindset Begins at Recruitment


Being a Soldier is not easy! However, once recruits join our team, they’re life members entitled to lifelong support! The Soldier For Life mindset is about Soldiers applying the attributes of bravery, discipline and perseverance from basic training to retirement or separation and beyond, while maintaining an unwavering belief of being a valued, lifelong member of our team.

  1. Soldier For Life promotes Health and Wellness for Soldiers in all components

Soldiers serve strong on and off the battlefield. The Soldier for Life team helps to improve the readiness and resilience of the Total Army by partnering with other Army programs such as Ready and Resilient (R2), an Army campaign that provides comprehensive resilience training, educates about health and wellness and much more to Soldiers and Families.


  1. Soldier For Life aids transitioning Soldiers prepare for civilian careers Soldiers begin learning invaluable leadership, communication and resilience skills at basic training and build on them throughout their career in the Army. To help translate these valuable military skills and careers to civilian jobs, Soldier For Life uses the Army Career Tracker (ACT) and Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) websites. There are about 96 credentialing opportunities across 46 Military Occupational Specialties.


  1. Soldier For Life supports retirement services for Army Veterans

Since 2003, 331,422 Soldiers have retired from service. Soldier For Life and the Army Retirement Services Office (RSO) work together to prepare Soldiers and their Families for this next step. Retirement is a process, not an event, and Soldier for Life facilitates planning by providing briefs, documents and information to Soldiers and their Families.


  1. Soldier For Life values our Veterans Did you know that America has 23 million Veterans? That’s seven percent of the U.S. population. These 23 million men and women bring the exceptional training, values and experience they received as Soldiers to the civilian world. Soldier for Life is the Army’s connection to communities, Military and Veterans Service Organizations (MSOs/VSOs) and industry to support these individuals with their post service goals.


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American Civilians to Soldiers for Life