You know you’re in the Air Force when…v3

By Meredith March
Air Force Production Defense Media Activity

Sometimes “culture” just seems like a buzzword. But, initiatives and missions aside, the Air Force is more than just a career — it’s a lifestyle! Our first and second blog posts focused on our service’s sometimes humorous quirks and received a tremendous response from our followers. So without further ado, here is the third installment in the series. You know you’re in the AF when…

1. You consider your next PT test while browsing through the menu at your favorite restaurant.

Airmen exercising

Photo 1: You might even calculate exactly how much PT you’ll have to do to indulge and still pass the abdominal circumference portion.

2. In conversation, you use so many acronyms that your non-Air Force friends and family members have no idea what you’re saying.

Airmen and their families at BMT

Photo 2: “So, the NCOIC had questions about my EPR, but I was TDY at PME…”

3. At the end of leave, you’re more sad about shaving your beard/mustache than you are about going back to work.

Half-shaven Airman

Photo 3: We know—even if it’s just scruff from over the weekend.

4. You hear a coin drop and you panic.

Coin challenge

Photo 4: Challenge coins look impressive displayed in a case on your desk, but hopefully you also keep one in your pocket to save money (and avoid some humiliation) during a coin check.

5. You have 12 reflective belts stashed in your closet and/or desk.

Reflective belts for PT

Photo 5: As attractive as we think they are, it’s not necessary to wear more than one at a time.

6. You feel like you’re missing something when you’re not wearing a hat.

Uniform preparation

Photo 6: Admit it…you’ve even reached for your cover when you’re out of uniform.

7. You take your Professional Development Guide everywhere as your promotion test day draws near.

Professional development guide

Photo 7: You’re moving on up!

8. Years later, your military training instructor’s words still randomly pop into your mind.

Military training instructor

Photo 8: Was it the words of wisdom, or simply the volume?

9. During an argument or when correcting someone, you still use the “knife hand.”

Basic training instruction

Photo 9: You can tell someone was/is in the military when they correct their kids using the knife hand.

10. Friends from other services joke about the “Chair Force,” then tell you they wish they were Airmen.

Air Force Academy graduation

Photo 10: We’re glad WE are!

Can you think of some more? Comment below!

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You know you’re in the Air Force when…v3