You know you’re in the AF when…v4

By 1st Lt Tori Hight
Air Force Public Affairs Agency

The Air Force isn’t just a job to most Airmen…it’s a way of life. It’s engrained in you from day 1 of Basic Military Training and throughout the years of your career even as it fades, gets “reblued,” and sometimes wears thin — it never dies. This lifestyle means habits and quirks that made sense to others in the military will follow you throughout your life on the outside — where those same habits probably earn you a strange stare or two from the average passerby. So, let’s celebrate those quirks and habits with our fourth installment of: You know you’re in the AF when…

1) Your young children approach strangers in uniform and call them “Mommy” or “Daddy”


PHOTO: Chances are every single kid in this room called him Daddy when he walked in. Seriously, have you ever been to the child development center in uniform? It’s like an angry mob…

2) You make your bed at home with perfect hospital corners

Academy cadets stand by for a room inspection.

PHOTO: Because if you don’t make your bed with perfect hospital corners – people will die!

3) You have at least one pet with a military-related name

A retired military working dog makes himself at home.

PHOTO: Bonus points if the pet actually served in the military as well.

4) Saying sir or ma’am is automatic

A basic cadet at the Air Force Academy receives a verbal reprimand.

PHOTO: Just don’t confuse the two. You can only do so many “Ma’am you are a ma’am, not a sir, ma’am” pushups.

5) You always have a pen on you

Air Force Form 341

PHOTO: How else can you fill out your Form 341?

6) You aren’t sure what to wear to a business casual function
Air Force officers show off their 'party shirts'.

PHOTO: Party shirts anyone?

7) When the Internet is down, no one can work

An Airman inspects a computer motherboard.

PHOTO: Now…which button was it?

8) You can’t bring yourself to walk across the grass…ever

An Airman tees off on a golf course.
PHOTO: Except this grass…this is OK.

9) Your whole table orders water to drink at lunch

Airman pours water on his head to cool down.

PHOTO: Just don’t be like this guy in a restaurant. Wait staff won’t appreciate cleaning this up.

10) Ladies: you get your hair cut when you are home on leave visiting family because you can’t find anyone good near your base

Military member dontaes hair to charity.

PHOTO: Just a few inches off the bottom please…

In case this list didn’t seem complete to you, check out our first, second, and third versions. What’s your favorite military habit or quirk?

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You know you’re in the AF when…v4