You know you’re in the AF when…

Editor’s note: We decided to have a little fun with this post. We took some time to think of 10 quirks unique to our Air Force and military lives. Can you think of some more? Comment below!

1. When you open your closet door and have a collection of uniforms beginning with the old Battle Dress, Desert Camouflage and now Airman Battle Uniforms with various ranks attached.The Air Force Battle Dress Uniform.
PHOTO 1: These two Airmen in Battle Dress Uniforms are learning how to program a vehicle GPS device. This photo was taken at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont., in 2007.

2. You no longer notice all the different color tags on the back of your furniture from your military permanent changes of station.
Military members often find moving tags on their furniture weeks after they have moved.
PHOTO 2: It’s amazing how long after your PCS you still find these tags on your items.

3. You look up whenever you hear the sound of airplane engines, just to identify the aircraft flying by.
Aircraft preform a Herritage Flight.
PHOTO 3: What is that awful noise? That’s the sound of freedom!

4. You avoid the commissary like the plague on pay day.
A military commissary.
PHOTO 4: Military commissaries are notoriously busy during pay days.

5. You reference old acquaintances by last name and location, Jefferson from Barksdale or Snuffy from Tyndall.
Four brothers serve alongside one another at the same military base.
PHOTO 5: These four brothers are one exception to the above. They all served at the same base together.

6. You can tell someone’s branch of service by their haircut.
A joint service training class.
PHOTO 6: Who can find the Airman?

7. Your pets have their own frequent flyer miles benefit cards.
Senior Airman Cedric Gray, 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels distribution operator, carries pet Theodore to the dog holding area.
PHOTO 7: This pet wasn’t even PCSing in this photo. This pic was taken during a noncombantant evacuation exercise at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.

8. You don’t recognize someone when they are out of uniform.
Airmen shake hands after a softball game.
PHOTO 8: Hi, how are ya? I don’t think we’ve met…

9. You are frequently asked which aircraft you fly. Your response: a desk.
An Airman checks through her files.
PHOTO 9: Standard issue for almost every AFSC…oh come on…who hasn’t heard a good “Chair Force” joke lately?

10. You have spent enough time with other branches to have said, “I’m so glad I joined the Air Force.”
This brother and sister recently met up during a deployment.
PHOTO 10: Note how different this brother and sister smile. The brother obviously wishes he was in the Air Force.

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You know you’re in the AF when…