The best of caption challenges

Editor’s note: Whenever we find the right photo, we ask our followers to caption the photo on either Facebook or Twitter. One of the best parts is reading the hilarious responses.  Although we can’t show all of them we pulled a few of our favorites to share with you.

Caption challenge 1: Caption challenge! This Airman is thinking ____________.

Airman looking at the desert from a helicopter.


  1. Wait, nope hold on guys…I forgot my reflective belt we have to turn around!
  2. The propellers on the helicopter go round & round, round & round, round & round …
  3. Fried shrimp … baked shrimp … shrimp scampi …. shrimp cocktail ….
  4. I spy with my little eye something white?
  5. I wonder how many frequent flyer miles I’ll get for this trip?

Caption challenge 2: Something seems fishy about this photo. Help us out with the last caption challenge of 2013!

Air Force pilots working in a life boat.


  1. Let the lieutenant drive they said, it’ll be fine they said.
  2. Three hour tour, yeah right!
  3. Mom, the PJs took my bait again!
  4. These FOD checks are getting out of control.
  5. You said my golf ball splashed down here!

Caption challenge 3: Let’s start off Tuesday with a bang! Help us caption this photo of Capt. Ben Worker demonstrating the combustibility of hydrogen in the US Air Force Academy’s chemistry department.

Hydrogen being set on fire.


  1. Well don’t need to shave my arms this week.
  2. Sprinkler system active in 3, 2, 1…
  3. Those burritos are hot!
  4. And that children, is how we make a building disappear.
  5. We’re off to see the wizard; the wonderful wizard of Oz!

Caption challenge 4: Doesn’t this look like fun? Help us caption this photo of Staff Sgt. Zahir Mohammed, Travis Air Force Base 60th Security Forces Squadron K9 handler, and MWD Borat during this years Iron Dog III Military Working Dog Team Competition.

Security forces Airman falls in the mud and his dog stairs at him.


  1. Crazy dog, next time you find your own chew toy!
  2. You always yell at me for doing exactly that and now look at you!
  3. You tossed the stick, you find the stick!
  4. It’s just a matter of time until I find my keys.
  5. So… I’m getting a treat for this right?

Thank you for being such great fans, stay tuned for the next caption challenge.

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The best of caption challenges