AFRS July tweetchat

Carissa PictureThe Air Force Recruiting Service participated in its second tweetchat July 18 and received nearly 100 recruitment questions from online participants. During the hour-long Web event, AFRS officials answered questions about enlistment eligibility requirements, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test scores and other career field-specific questions. The first 20 questions were answered during the tweetchat. The rest of the unanswered questions are below. AFRS will host monthly tweetchats showcasing Airmen from different career fields who will share their Air Force experiences.

PHOTO: Carissa, Air Force Recruiting Service online advisor

Q21: Is the best flight training through the AF or a college?
A21: If you want to be an AF pilot, go through the AF. You get paid, while getting the best training to fly the most advanced aircraft.

Q22 I’m on a quick ship out contract and I’ve been waiting 7 months to leave for a security forces job. Is there a cut back on jobs?
A22: No, we have 8K+ people waiting for jobs, we book 2,200 a month. There may be a delay with the large number of people joining.

Q23 How long does it usually take to transfer from guard to active?
A23: Depends on qualifications & jobs available in Prior Service program. Contact AF Live Chat for details here.

Q24: Is it true that basic training is going to be shortened to 6 weeks again?
A24: No, it will remain 8 1/2 weeks in length.

Q25: What is the stance on #PriorService members trying to rejoin? Are #PriorService members encouraged to reenlist?
A25: The program will access approx. 250 applicants in 2013. Please visit here for more details.

Q26: How exactly does BMI work when there are already weight requirements?
A26: No BMI, must meet height/weight requirements.

Q27: I got an 87 on my ASVAB but wanted a higher score. Would it change anything if I took it again and got around a 90?
A27: 87 is very high>You won’t qualify for more jobs with a higher score. Your physical will determine the rest.

Q28: Do you have to run 20 miles in a certain amount of time?
A28: PT for MALES: 1.5 Mile Run — < 30 years of age – 1.5 mile run in <11:57 & FEMALES: 1.5 Mile Run — < 30 years of age – <14:26

Q29: Is it better to be active duty right away, or join the reserves?
A29: Depends on what your goals are. It’s hard to go from Guard/Reserve to active duty & very limited.

Q30: What exactly does the Chow Runner do?
A30: Chow Runners request permission for their flights to eat their meals in Basic Military Training.

Q31: Can you elucidate whether the recruits could be Americans or whether they could be foreign nationals as well?
A31: You must meet the reqs and legally reside in US with a “Green Card.”

Q32: How difficult is it to get into MWD after you join and get a SF contract?
A32: You must be in for 2 years, meet qualifications, apply & be selected.

Q33: What is the main difference between an AF Academy education compared to a Division I ROTC program?
A33: They are both great opportunities to earn a degree and get commissioned. Apply for both & see where it takes you.

Q34: Does the USAFA automatically disqualify applicants with a record of a broken bone?
A34: If you do not meet the physical requirements, it is for the safety &health concern for the applicant. Safety first.

Q35: I was told I could go to college with an ROTC program first and sign a contract with the AF so they will pay for it. is this true?
A35: There are scholarship opportunities through the AFROTC program here.

Q36: I heard a rumor that BMT is being shortened to 7.5 wks, combining weapons training/BEAST; is this true?
A36: No, it will remain 8 1/2 weeks in length.

Q37: If I go through AFROTC or the AFA, what are the options for getting a masters degree if I still want to be a pilot?
A37: Tuition Assistance, GI Bill, AFIT & other educational programs are available to achieve your educational goals.

Q38: Does being blind in one eye still disqualify one from serving in the Air Force or all branches of the military?
A38: Yes, that would be disqualifying.

Q39: So if the job somebody wants isn’t open in the AF they have to go on a waiting list?
A39: You will list 5+ jobs once you process based on what you qual for, we will guarantee you one of your choices.

Q40: What are the chances of me getting my #1 pick which was Security Forces? Also, is that job in demand?
A40: SF is one of our largest career fields, so your chances are great as long as it’s open and you qualify.

Q41: Can you obtain a waiver for an injury if you want to commission as an officer?
A41: Possibly…depends on what the waiver request is for.

Q42: What’s the wash out rate for TACP training? And if you do wash out can you try again?
A4: It’s about 60-70%. If you wash out or self-eliminate, there is no guarantee you can stay in the AF.

Q43: is air transportation a dangerous job?
A43: No, there is minimal exposure to hazardous environments. Go here for more info.

Q44: I have a very small VSD that does not affect my ability to perform high physical tasks. Am I able to join the Air Force with it?
A44: Heart conditions may be disqualifying, but the Dr at MEPS will make that determination. Ask your recruiter to have the MEPS Dr prescreen your medical records for a preliminary ruling.

Q45: I heard that women are allowed to be in the PJs now. Is that true?
A45: We’re still awaiting policy changes from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Check updates here.

Q46: Does the air force accept people that have had kidney stones?
A46: Kidney stones are potentially medically disqualifying, but the Dr at MEPS will make that determination. Ask your recruiter to have the MEPS Dr prescreen your medical records for a preliminary ruling.

Q47: What’s a good job field to get into in the AF?
A47: You will get a list of jobs you are eligible for. You will list 5+ choices and we will guarantee you one of those.

Q48: Is there an age range to become an AF pilot?
A48: You must meet the selection board prior to age 28.

Q49 How long is the actual training for a PJ before deployment?
A49: 18 months of tech school training, with upgrade training just prior to deployment.

Q50: I’m interested in becoming a pararescue. What are the requirements?
A50: AFQT-36, General-41. You must also pass the PAST test. Check out the PJ page here for more info.

Q51: What’s the most common job in the Air Force, like Army has infantry & marines have infantry?
A51: Security Forces is the largest career field in the AF.

Q52: What’s the best way to explain TACP?
A52: TACP deploy to battlefield areas in support of Special Operations Forces. Find more info here.

Q53: How can you become an officer in the Air Force?
A53: You may apply for OTS with most any college degree, go thru AF ROTC or attend AF Academy.

Q54: How can I be a fuel specialist?
A54: ASVAB, Mechanical-47 and General-38. Must pass color/vision test, be a US cit, have valid driver’s license & pass PT req.

Q55: Why have we been stuck at Holloman AFB for almost 5 years. We’re ready to goooooooo!
A55: Please contact your MPF assignments. Assignments are different for every career.

Q56: Would I be sent to Lackland AFB because I live in Texas or could I be sent to another base?
A56: All Air Force enlisted members will go to Lackland AFB for BMT, after that, your assignment depends on your preferences, job and needs of the AF among other factors.

Q57: Where can I find the full physical requirements?
A57: You can find information on physical requirements here.

Q58: What are possible Duty Stations for UAS Sensor Operator?
A58: You will be provided a list of bases for your career field at BMT. Click here for more information.

Q59: Do you have plans to reinstate the AECP program?
A59: Please contact your education office on base. They are in charge of that program.

Q60: How long would you have to wait to see if you’re qualified to work with military dogs? When you’re already in security forces?
A60: One you get your 5-skill level, Airman 1st Class, you can apply to work with MWD. It’s about 2 yrs from when you join.

Q61: Also, is it possible to switch languages with someone at DLI as long as you both qualify for each other’s language?
A61: No, each person is interviewed and slotted for each language. Once assigned, that is what the Airman is selected for.

Q62: At what age can you join the Air Force?
A62: Non-prior service applicants must be at least 17 to apply and in Basic Military Training before their 28th birthday.

Q63: Why did you join the Air Force?
A63: I wasn’t interested in college & knew the awesome opportunities & benefits the AF offered. Plus, I wanted to see the world.

Q64: Can you go to PJ school after basic training or do you have to serve as something before?
A64: This job is determined prior to BMT. You can apply if you qualify and pass the physical test for it. Check out more info here.

Q65: What is the minimum weight required for a male who is 6′ 1? Is BMI considered?
A65: No BMI. You must be at least 5 lbs. under your max weight for your recruiter to process you. Your max for 6’1″ is 208 lbs. The minimum allowable weight is 144lbs.

Q66: I’m interested in doing Operation Intelligence What’s the minimum ASVAB score?
A66: The minimum score required is General 57. Recommend studying for higher score to be competitive.

Q67: What jobs see combat?
A67: The most combat-related jobs are PJ, TACP, CCT.

Q68: I already took my ASVAB. Do I find out when I leave and my job at MEPS?
A68: Please contact your local recruiter to find out when you leave and what job you’ll have.

Q69: How likely is it to get a job with K-9 units? How do you become a handler?
A69: You must meet requirements and then apply. Must be 5-skill level, submit application and be selected.

Q70: Are tattoos allowed? If so where shouldn’t you have them?
A70: It varies based on the imagery, message, size, as well as location. Check here  for more info.

Q71: When can I switch bases when I arrive at my first duty station?
A71: You can update your “dream sheet” and once you fulfill your time on station be eligible to move.

Q72: How long do pilots have to be in flight school?
A73: UPT is 12 to 18 months.

Q73: What are the benefits of joining the Air Force as an Officer?
A73: The benefits include higher pay and different career opportunities. Read more here.

Q74: Is it better for a college graduate to enlist in the reserves or active duty?
A74: Depends on what your goals are. It’s hard to go from guard/reserve to active duty and very limited.

Q75: What is the TACP pipeline schedule?
A56: Schedules are not published. If selected for TACP, you will get orders with dates for BMT and tech school.

Q76: When the USAAF was suffering the highest causality rate in WWII, did it ever have to turn to non-volunteer draftees?
Q76: Yes, during WWII the Army Air Corps issued a draft. The nation hasn’t had a draft in 35 years.

Q77: I know there’s a height requirement to be a pilot, but what about other airborne jobs? Like airborne cryptologist?
A77: The minimum height for an airborne cryptologist is 64 in / 5 ft 4 in.

Q78: How often does a transfer from guard to active usually take?
A78: It varies. The prior service program is limited & it’s hard to transfer into active duty. Contact a recruiter for details.

Q79: How can I become an officer with a nursing degree?
A79: You will need a BSN or BAN degree from an accredited institution. Find additional info here.

Q80: Can I legally photograph AF aircraft from the roadside adjacent to a base?
A80: Normally yes, but don’t be surprised if you’re approached by base/local police to ask about your intentions. Ask base PA first.

Q81: Can your wife enlist and have the possibility of being stationed with you?
A81: The Joint Spouse program makes every possible effort to assign spouses to the same base. Learn more here.

Q82: What score do you need to receive on the ASVAB for combat control?
A82: The minimum scores required are Mechanical 55 and General 57. Recommend studying for higher score to be competitive.

Q83: What are the chances of becoming an aerial gunner?
A83: If you qualify and it’s available, then you can list it among the other 4+ jobs you are interested in.

Q84: Can I please join the #stargate program at Cheyenne mountain?
A84: While you can serve as an Airman at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, the Stargate Program is fictional.

Q85: Does everybody go through D.E.P after signing or is that optional?
A85: You will swear into the DEP after you process, before entering active duty and going to BMT. It’s mandatory.

Q86: If I wanted to go for loadmaster but got switched to HVAC, will I be able to switch to loadmaster at basic if a position opens up?
A86: No, you will not be able to switch at BMT. Once you sign a contract for your job, that’s the tech school and job you do.

Q87: How can being color blind affect my eligibility?
A87: It limits the jobs you are eligible to perform.

Q88: I’m going in 20 Aug as open mechanical how good is that?
A88: Good thing about going to BMT in open area is you get to see jobs not even offered at MEPS. Some jobs only offered at BMT!

Q89: I thought TACP was open to women? 13L ALO?
A89: We’re still awaiting policy changes from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Check updates here.

Q90: Do I have a better chance of becoming a pilot if I already have my license to fly prior to joining?
A90: A private pilot’s license will increase your chances; along w/meeting reqs to apply for OTS & pilot training.

Q91: Can we switch bases?
A91: When you arrive at your first base, go to MPF and talk to the assignment people about your options for your next assignment.

Q92: Is pilot training in the Air Force different from that of the Navy’s or Army’s such as time flown in pre flight?
A92: Each branch has different qualifications. You would need to ask the Navy and the Army what their requirements are.

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